I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my husband and our silly little black cat. When I am not taking photos and working in my studio, you can find me riding my bike, eating at one of the various yummy food carts, hunting for great finds at thrift stores, spending time with friends and family and exploring the world.
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About my film art...

I am a self-taught photographer working with 35mm film. My images are printed exactly as they turn out in an alternative developing process, they are not altered in any way. Instead of using Photoshop, I rely on obscure angles and the film developing process to create a unique and altered image.

I find inspiration in the world around me, from ordinary day-to-day scenery to broken and dilapidated objects. I am always challenging and pushing myself to progress my art by shooting with a variety of cameras and experimenting with different films and developing processes. My goal is to photograph the world, revealing it to you through my eyes.


It took me years to learn how to use my holga camera and produce images that I was happy with. I got the hang of it in 2009 and ever since have been addicted to lomography; low-fi photography. I am currently shooting with 5 toy cameras, all with different films and for different projects. My favorite of course being the Lomo LCA+, which my book series, Adventures in Lomography is based around.

Adventures in Lomography: I have been shooting with 35mm SLR cameras since I was a teenager. A few years back, I discovered the exciting world of Lomography (Low-Fi Photography). Lomography, mixed with a technique of photo developing called Cross-Process and my skewed angle on the world through a lens, has prompted me to start a book series entitled Adventures in Lomography. The first book in the series will feature my photos of New York.
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Photos in the book taken with the following cameras...
* Lomo LCA
* Holga
* Holgaroid
* Quad Cam
* 360 Spinner



**Please note that all of the images on this website are mine, and may not be used for any reason without written permission from the artist. Thank you! [copyright misha ashton-moore 2001-present]

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