New York, New York USA
Series started June 2010 - June 2011
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This series was the start of the idea behind "Adventures in Lomography". After visiting New York with my husband in 2010, for the Renegade Craft Fair, I realized I had more photos than I knew what to do with. I needed a way for people to see the images that I wasn't using as art. This photo book series is what became of it.

The photos in the book were taken throughout the course of a year, over three seperate, week long trips to the city. The cameras used in this series were the Lomo LCA, Holga 120, Holgaroid, Quad Cam and the 360 Spinner. All of my images from the LCA are cross-processed, Lomography slide film, 200 ISO. For the rest of the cameras, I use expired film, slide and print film (E-6 and C-41).

Volume 1
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Self Published October 2011, Printed in the USA
89 Pages/6x8.5 Inches . Soft Back Glossy/Matte Paper Interior
Chapters: Central Park, Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, Coney Island and Favorite Places
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